Sportsbet is Australia’s most popular online bookmaker, offering a huge range of betting markets including over 1000 sports and horse racing betting odds. They also have an impressive mobile app which allows you to bet on the go!

The best sports betting apps offer a range of features that will make your betting experience more enjoyable. These include live streams, betting tips and a blackbook.

A good sportsbook should give you access to all of the betting lines for each event, even if you haven’t signed up yet. This is a great feature to have and it will save you time when you’re trying to place a bet.

Spreads and Points/Goals Odds

Spread bets are based on margins of victory. They usually involve a “giving” or “receiving” number of points, goals, or runs and can be calculated in American or Decimal form.

These are a popular bet type in American football and basketball. They are generally priced at around -105 or -110, which means that you need to risk $105, or $110, in order to win $100.

Year-end awards and prop bets

Every year, sportsbooks give bettors the opportunity to bet on year-end awards such as MVPs, Cy Youngs, and Heisman winners. These bets are a fun way to predict the outcome of the season and often have high winnings.

There are also a lot of prop bets and futures bets available, which can be a good option for those who like to make the most out of their bets. These bets are also a good way to get value before the season starts and can be quite profitable for those with the right strategies.