Sportsbet is one of the most popular sports betting sites in Australia. They offer a wide range of sports markets, as well as the usual exotics.

As a company, they’ve gotten off to a strong start. It started in the year 1993, and since then it’s become the largest online betting site in Australia.

They’ve also been very creative in their marketing. For example, they partnered with SKY Racing to live stream the races.

Sportsbet’s website is full of images. There’s a main menu on the left-hand side of the screen, as well as icons for Live Betting, Blackbook, Cash Card, and a Help Centre.

In addition to the standard betting markets, they also have live streams of all three codes. This makes it easy to navigate between live events.

You can bet on the outcome of any major sporting event, as well as on a wide variety of minor sports. The sportsbook also features a large number of racing markets, and offers odds on over 30 different international sports.

Sportsbet’s website is also very easy to navigate on mobile devices. You can easily choose between the various markets, and you’ll have your betslip open in the bottom right-hand corner.

However, for a lot of bettors, their experience with the site can be a bit overwhelming. The homepage is full of markets, but there’s only a handful of them displayed at a time.

Another issue is that there’s no guarantee of fair play. When it comes to sports, there’s no such thing as a “sure thing”. And, the best way to avoid making a mistake is to seek advice from a reputable sports bettor.