If you’re looking to play at an online sportsbook, make sure you research the different options available. You’ll want to find the site that is best suited to your preferences and gambling habits. This includes investigating the betting menu and the types of wagers you can place. It’s also important to check out each site’s deposit and withdrawal options. You may want to use a credit or debit card, Play+, an online bank transfer, ACH (eCheck), PayNearMe, or another method.

A popular way to bet on sports is to place a bet with a group. Sportsbet’s ‘Bet With Mates’ feature allows customers to easily set up groups and pool funds. The organiser sets the Buy-In amount and each member can request a top up at any time. The organiser can track activity and performance on the group’s homepage, and add emoji reactions to each bet. The Admin can also choose whether or not the group is able to see other members’ bets.

There’s an old saying in the sports betting industry that “it’s never under until it’s over.” This is especially true for totals, or over/under bets. It can be tricky to determine the correct total for a game, as it’s often difficult to predict how many points teams will score.

While Sportsbet does offer a few extra features, such as their Same Game/Race Multi Builder function and statistics, insights, tips, live streaming, speedmaps, a blackbook and their Bet with Mates feature, these extras aren’t enough to offset the fact that they’re not offering competitive odds. In addition, Sportsbet’s overseas ownership gives them an unfair advantage over their competition. They’re essentially shovelling their profits back to Dublin or Gibraltar instead of investing in their Australian business.