Baccarat is a simple game that can be completed rather quickly. It is a casino card game where players can wager on either the Player hand, Banker hand or a Tie. The game offers a low house edge compared to other casino games and is easy to learn. Baccarat is a fun and relaxing casino game that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Two cards are dealt to the player and banker, with a winning hand being one that is closest to nine in total. The value of the cards are determined by their pips (the dots on each card that represent clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades). A two and a five would make a total of 18, while an eight and a six would make a score of nine. The Player hand must stand on six, but the Banker can draw a third card if it is a seven or an eight.

The aim is to predict which hand, Player or Banker, will have a total that is closest to 9. There are various betting options available and a score sheet is usually available to keep track of the results of each round. Those who correctly forecast a winning Banker hand will qualify for a payout of 95% of their stake. Those who wager on the Player hand will receive a payout of 8-to-1, and those who bet on a Tie will win three times their stake.

As with all casino games, it is important to avoid the risk of going over your bankroll by playing within your means. If you are new to baccarat, you may want to try out some staking systems that will help you manage your bankroll. One popular option is the Martingale system, which was designed to be used on even-money bets like roulette, but it can also work well in baccarat, as long as you do not bet on the Tie.